Ghost hunters
October 6, 2004 – present
Ghost Hunters is an American paranormal reality television series that premiered on October 6, 2004, on Syfy (previously the Sci Fi Channel). The program features paranormal investigators Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson who investigate places that are reported to be haunted. The two originally worked as plumbers for Roto-Rooter as a day job while investigating locations at night. Since the show's success, the series now takes precedence in their lives, but they are still honorary employees with the company and continue to do jobs for them if time permits.
Now 2012, Grant Wilson have
leave to study more "Music & Art".
Jason & the Team's Continue On...  
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Ghost Hunters International
January 9, 2008 – April 4 2012
Ghost Hunters International (abbreviated as GHI) is a spin-off series of Ghost Hunters that airs on Syfy. The series premiered on January 9, 2008. Like its parent series, GHI is a reality series that follows a team of paranormal investigators; whereas, the original series primarily covered only locations within the United States, the GHI team travels around the world and documents some of the world's most legendary haunted locations.
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Ghost Hunters Academy
(November 11'2009 – July 7'2010)
Ghost Hunters Academy (abbreviated as GHA) is a paranormal reality television series that premiered on November 11, 2009 on the Syfy channel. The program is the third spin-off series based on Ghost Hunters (after Ghost Hunters International and UFO Hunters). The show features TAPS members Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango as they lead a group of prospective investigators on various ghost hunting cases at locations that are allegedly haunted, and which had been previously investigated by TAPS.[1] The tagline of the show is: "Get the paranormal."
(Note: This series had ended as
Adam Berry Won on last episode)
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